Pedro Gonzalez:
The first time I contacted Marco Rodriguez was because he was referred to me by someone that bought his first home with Marcos' assistance. He was very satisfied with Marcos' professionalism. I was a first time buyer as well, as you can image, I had no idea what the process was like. No idea what forms I had to fill up, and the different details of such forms, but Marco helped me with all these forms. And since they are legal documents, one has to be very careful with such documents. Marco is very knowledgeable about buying and selling property around the Bay Area, and if you are first time buyer, like I was, or an experience realty investor, I highly recommend Marco and his team. They will work very hard to make sure you get the best deal possible. Keep in mind that some people in this industry might want to make the deal happen, but that does not mean is the best deal for you. Marco will make sure that you interest is protected, and he will make sure that you get the best home possible for you and your family.

Faraid Majail
Marco Rodriguez goes up and beyond to satisfy his client. He is a dedicated hard worker who enjoys what he does. He always answered my questions and provided detailed explanations whenever I needed.I would recommend Marco Rodriguez for real estate needs.

Rz Leon
Vanessa Rodriguez is the agent every homebuyer should have. Not only is she a highly knowledgeable and compassionate agent, Vanessa is very professional and patient, never tired of the endless questions, and actually shared valuable information above and beyond the question asked. I am glad I found her. I will highly recommend Vanessa Rodriguez to my friends who are considering a home purchase.

Marcela Casarez
It was a pleasure to have had the services of Vanessa and Marco. They are very professional and we had great success with our buying and selling, they helped us a lot with the whole process of our purchase and they always had patience to resolved every detail, so no doubt would have their help again, thank you guys!

Carolina Pacheco:
I highly recommend Marcos Rodriguez for so many reasons I don't even know where to start. Being a first time home buyer is nerve racking but having such a great realtor helped me feel confident. Marcos explains everything and is a very sincere he always showed up on time always kept me well informed of the process with my home. Marcos helped me purchase my home January 2016. The process was fast and smooth I can't Thank him enough I promise if you work with Marcos and his team you will not regret it I am extremely HAPPY with Marcos and his services. Thank you Marcos you Rock.

Gap Supawiwatkul
Marco is very kind and honest to his client. We were so lucky to have business with him even though it's been a few years pass but still remember. He helped us a lot even though it wasn't that easy on the process of loaning from the bank. But finally he made it through. He made our dream come through. We bought our dream house with a big help from him. We never forget that moment five years ago. Thanks again Marco.

Joe Espinoza
I had some reservations about getting into debt with a home, especially after the fiasco from the housing bubble bursting, and all the horror stories. Marco was able to explain the process to me and put me at ease. Throughout the whole buying process, he was patient, explaining everything and taking into consideration everything we wanted, and didn't want in our future home. At no point did I feel pressure or rushed. He's still willing to help and answers questions to this day, over 6 years after the purchase. I've recommended Marco and his team to anyone looking to buy a home. I've always heard good things back. If at any point I plan to buy another home, he and his team would be my only choice.

Rakesh Thapa
Awesome guy. Lots of internal and external knowledge of that paticular field! Entire team are very eager to help and never tired to give the best service!

Kailash Thapa
Marco and team is very friendly , easy to deal with lots of idea of local market. I do prefer to get help from him and his team !! He showed me lots of houses and explained about them. That was really helpful! Thank you Marco and team.

Roland Willis
This is the second home I've had Marco and team Rodriguez sell for me. He, his wife and team are very knowledgeable of the markets they serve and have carved out a nice niche for themselves. When I'm ready to sell a 3rd they'll be the first team I call. They are full service and have contacts to take care of everything from A-Z. Give em a call, you'll be happy